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HTMLPurifier_Definition Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for HTMLPurifier_Definition:

Public Member Functions

 setup ($config)

Data Fields

 $setup = false
 $optimized = null

Protected Member Functions

 doSetup ($config)

Detailed Description

Super-class for definition datatype objects, implements serialization functions for the class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ doSetup()

doSetup (   $config)

Sets up the definition object into the final form, something not done by the constructor


Reimplemented in HTMLPurifier_CSSDefinition, HTMLPurifier_HTMLDefinition, and HTMLPurifier_URIDefinition.

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◆ setup()

setup (   $config)

Setup function that aborts if already setup

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

Field Documentation

◆ $optimized

$optimized = null

If true, write out the final definition object to the cache after setup. This will be true only if all invocations to get a raw definition object are also optimized. This does not cause file system thrashing because on subsequent calls the cached object is used and any writes to the raw definition object are short circuited. See enduser-customize.html for the high-level picture. @type bool

◆ $setup

$setup = false

Has setup() been called yet? @type bool

◆ $type


What type of definition is it? @type string

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