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HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 add ($key, $default, $type, $allow_null)
 addValueAliases ($key, $aliases)
 addAllowedValues ($key, $allowed)
 addAlias ($key, $new_key)
 postProcess ()

Static Public Member Functions

static makeFromSerial ()
static instance ($prototype=null)

Data Fields

 $defaults = array()
 $info = array()

Static Protected Attributes

static $singleton

Detailed Description

Configuration definition, defines directives and their defaults.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

add (   $key,

Defines a directive for configuration

Will fail of directive's namespace is defined.
This method's signature is slightly different from the legacy define() static method! Beware!
string$keyName of directive
mixed$defaultDefault value of directive
string$typeAllowed type of the directive. See HTMLPurifier_VarParser::$types for allowed values
bool$allow_nullWhether or not to allow null values

◆ addAlias()

addAlias (   $key,

Defines a directive alias for backwards compatibility

string$keyDirective that will be aliased
string$new_keyDirective that the alias will be to

◆ addAllowedValues()

addAllowedValues (   $key,

Defines a set of allowed values for a directive.

This is slightly different from the corresponding static method definition.
string$keyName of directive
array$allowedLookup array of allowed values

◆ addValueAliases()

addValueAliases (   $key,

Defines a directive value alias.

Directive value aliases are convenient for developers because it lets them set a directive to several values and get the same result.

string$keyName of Directive
array$aliasesHash of aliased values to the real alias

◆ instance()

static instance (   $prototype = null)

Retrieves an instance of the application-wide configuration definition.

Here is the call graph for this function:
Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ makeFromSerial()

static makeFromSerial ( )

Unserializes the default ConfigSchema.

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◆ postProcess()

postProcess ( )

Replaces any stdClass that only has the type property with type integer.

Field Documentation

◆ $defaultPlist


The default property list. Do not edit this property list. @type array

◆ $defaults

$defaults = array()

Defaults of the directives and namespaces. @type array

This shares the exact same structure as HTMLPurifier_Config::$conf

◆ $info

$info = array()

Definition of the directives. The structure of this is:

array( 'Namespace' => array( 'Directive' => new stdClass(), ) )

The stdClass may have the following properties:

  • If isAlias isn't set:
    • type: Integer type of directive, see HTMLPurifier_VarParser for definitions
    • allow_null: If set, this directive allows null values
    • aliases: If set, an associative array of value aliases to real values
    • allowed: If set, a lookup array of allowed (string) values
  • If isAlias is set:
    • namespace: Namespace this directive aliases to
    • name: Directive name this directive aliases to

In certain degenerate cases, stdClass will actually be an integer. In that case, the value is equivalent to an stdClass with the type property set to the integer. If the integer is negative, type is equal to the absolute value of integer, and allow_null is true.

This class is friendly with HTMLPurifier_Config. If you need introspection about the schema, you're better of using the ConfigSchema_Interchange, which uses more memory but has much richer information. @type array

◆ $singleton


Application-wide singleton @type HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema

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