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XoUser Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XoopsUser
 __construct ($id=null)
 isGuest ()
 incrementPost ()
 setGroups ($groupsArr)
getGroups ()
groups ()
 isAdmin ($module_id=null)
 rank ()
 isActive ()
 isOnline ()
 uid ($format='')
 id ($format='N')
 name ($format='S')
 uname ($format='S')
 email ($format='S')
 url ($format='S')
 user_avatar ($format='S')
 user_regdate ($format='')
 user_icq ($format='S')
 user_from ($format='S')
 user_sig ($format='S')
 user_viewemail ($format='')
 actkey ($format='')
 user_aim ($format='S')
 user_yim ($format='S')
 user_msnm ($format='S')
 pass ($format='')
 posts ($format='')
 attachsig ($format='')
 level ($format='')
 theme ($format='')
 timezone ($format='')
 umode ($format='')
 uorder ($format='')
 notify_method ($format='')
 notify_mode ($format='')
 user_occ ($format='S')
 bio ($format='S')
 user_intrest ($format='S')
 getProfile ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XoopsObject
 __construct ()
 XoopsObject ()
 setNew ()
 unsetNew ()
 isNew ()
 setDirty ()
 unsetDirty ()
 isDirty ()
 initVar ($key, $data_type, $value=null, $required=false, $maxlength=null, $options='', $enumerations='')
 assignVar ($key, $value)
 assignVars ($var_arr)
 setVar ($key, $value, $not_gpc=false)
 setVars ($var_arr, $not_gpc=false)
 destroyVars ($var)
 destoryVars ($var)
 setFormVars ($var_arr=null, $pref='xo_', $not_gpc=false)
getVars ()
 getValues ($keys=null, $format='s', $maxDepth=1)
 getVar ($key, $format=null)
 cleanVars ()
 registerFilter ($filtername)
 _loadFilters ()
 loadFilters ($method)
 xoopsClone ()
 __clone ()
 setErrors ($err_str)
 getErrors ()
 getHtmlErrors ()
 toArray ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from XoopsUser
static getUnameFromId ($userid, $usereal=0)
- Data Fields inherited from XoopsUser
 $_groups = array()
- Data Fields inherited from XoopsObject
 $vars = array()
 $cleanVars = array()
 $_isNew = false
 $_isDirty = false
 $_errors = array()
 $_filters = array()

Detailed Description

Xoops Users Extend Class

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct ( )

Enter Constructor

Reimplemented from XoopsObject.

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