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Référence de la classe HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_List
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Fonctions membres publiques

 validateChildren ($children, $config, $context)
- Fonctions membres publiques hérités de HTMLPurifier_ChildDef
 getAllowedElements ($config)

Champs de données

 $type = 'list'
 $elements = array('li' => true, 'ul' => true, 'ol' => true)
- Champs de données hérités de HTMLPurifier_ChildDef
 $elements = array()

Description détaillée

Definition for list containers ul and ol.

What does this do? The big thing is to handle ol/ul at the top level of list nodes, which should be handled specially by /folding/ them into the previous list node. We generally shouldn't ever see other disallowed elements, because the autoclose behavior in MakeWellFormed handles it.

Documentation des fonctions membres

◆ validateChildren()

validateChildren (   $children,

Réimplémentée à partir de HTMLPurifier_ChildDef.

Documentation des champs

◆ $elements

$elements = array('li' => true, 'ul' => true, 'ol' => true)

@type array

◆ $type

$type = 'list'

@type string

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