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Référence de la classe HTMLPurifier_Node
+ Graphe d'héritage de HTMLPurifier_Node:

Fonctions membres publiques

 toTokenPair ()

Champs de données

 $armor = array()
 $dead = false

Description détaillée

Abstract base node class that all others inherit from.

Why do we not use the DOM extension? (1) It is not always available, (2) it has funny constraints on the data it can represent, whereas we want a maximally flexible representation, and (3) its interface is a bit cumbersome.

Documentation des fonctions membres

◆ toTokenPair()

toTokenPair ( )

Returns a pair of start and end tokens, where the end token is null if it is not necessary. Does not include children. @type array

Réimplémentée dans HTMLPurifier_Node_Text, HTMLPurifier_Node_Element, et HTMLPurifier_Node_Comment.

Documentation des champs

◆ $armor

$armor = array()

Lookup array of processing that this token is exempt from. Currently, valid values are "ValidateAttributes". @type array

◆ $col


Column number of the start token in the source document. Null if unknown. @type int

◆ $dead

$dead = false

When true, this node should be ignored as non-existent.

Who is responsible for ignoring dead nodes? FixNesting is responsible for removing them before passing on to child validators.

◆ $line


Line number of the start token in the source document @type int

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