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Liste des choses à faire
Espace de nommage cake
use the File and Folder classes (if it's not a too big performance hit)
Espace de nommage class

Make a page in the admin panel for setting mailer preferences.

For PHP 5 compliant

Espace de nommage core
Modularize; Both search algorithms and interface will be redesigned
Classe HTMLPurifier
We need an easier way to inject strategies using the configuration object.
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_Composite::$defs
Make protected
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_Multiple::$max
Make protected
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_Multiple::$single
Make protected
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_Enum::$valid_values
Make protected
Classe HTMLPurifier_Config
Reconsider some of the public member variables
Classe HTMLPurifier_ContentSets
Unit test
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_CSSDefinition::setupConfigStuff ($config)
Refactor duplicate elements into common class (probably using composition, not inheritance).
Classe HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache

Create a separate maintenance file advanced users can use to cache their custom HTMLDefinition, which can be loaded via a configuration directive

Implement memcached

Global(e) HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Serializer::generateBaseDirectoryPath ($config)
Make protected
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Serializer::generateDirectoryPath ($config)
Make protected
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Serializer::generateFilePath ($config)
Make protected
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_Filter_ExtractStyleBlocks::preFilter ($html, $config, $context)
Extend to indicate non-text/css style blocks
Classe HTMLPurifier_Generator

Refactor interface so that configuration/context is determined upon instantiation, no need for messy generateFromTokens() calls

Make some of the more internal functions protected, and have unit tests work around that

Global(e) HTMLPurifier_Generator::escape ($string, $quote=null)
This really ought to be protected, but until we have a facility for properly generating HTML here w/o using tokens, it stays public.
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_HTMLDefinition::parseTinyMCEAllowedList ($list)
Give this its own class, probably static interface
Classe HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
Consider making some member functions protected
Classe HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_Tidy
Figure out how to protect some of these methods/properties
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_Tidy::setup ($config)
Wildcard matching and error reporting when an added or subtracted fix has no effect.
Classe HTMLPurifier_Injector
Allow injectors to request a re-run on their output. This would help if an operation is recursive.
Classe HTMLPurifier_Injector_AutoParagraph

Ensure all states are unit tested, including variations as well.

Make a graph of the flow control for this Injector.

Global(e) HTMLPurifier_Language::$_loaded
Make it private, fix usage in HTMLPurifier_LanguageTest
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_Language::formatMessage ($key, $args=array())
Implement conditionals? Right now, some messages make reference to line numbers, but those aren't always available
Classe HTMLPurifier_LanguageFactory
Serialized cache for languages
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_Lexer::extractBody ($html)
Consider making protected
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_Lexer::normalize ($html, $config, $context)
Consider making protected
Classe HTMLPurifier_Lexer_DirectLex
Reread XML spec and document differences.
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_Lexer_DOMLex::createStartNode ($node, &$tokens, $collect, $config)
data and tagName properties don't seem to exist in DOMNode?
Classe HTMLPurifier_Printer_ConfigForm
Rewrite to use Interchange objects
Global(e) HTMLPurifier_Printer_HTMLDefinition::listifyObjectList ($array)
Also add information about internal state
Classe HTMLPurifier_Strategy_FixNesting
Enable nodes to be bubbled out of the structure. This is easier with our new algorithm.
Classe HTMLPurifier_TokenFactory
Port DirectLex to use this
Classe HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_mailto

Validate the email address

Filter allowed query parameters

Espace de nommage kernel

Not well written, just keep as it is. Refactored in 3.0

Not well written, just keep as it is. Refactored in 3.0


reconcile the two XoopsBlock classes.

Why is this not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?

Why is this not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?

Why is this not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?

Why is this not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?

To be handled by i18n/l10n

Global(e) Language::translate ($string, $domain=null)
do something useful
Global(e) notificationCommentCategoryInfo ($module_id=null)
This could be more efficient... maybe specify in $modversion['comments'] the notification category. This would also serve as a way to enable notification of comments, and also remove the restriction that all notification categories must have unique item_name. (TODO)
Global(e) notificationEventEnabled (&$category, &$event, &$module)
Check that this works correctly for comment and other events which depend on additional config options...
Global(e) StopWords::__construct ()
specify locale to constructor, will require shift away from defined constant
Global(e) system_loadLanguage ($name, $domain='', $language=null)
expand domain to multiple categories, e.g. module:system, framework:filter, etc.
Global(e) xoops_loadLanguage ($name, $domain='', $language=null)
expand domain to multiple categories, e.g. module:system, framework:filter, etc.
Classe XoopsConfigHandler
Tests that need to be made:
  • error handling @access public
Classe XoopsTplfileHandler
this is not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?
Classe XoopsTplsetHandler
This is not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?