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RC2 moved all and JS files to assets (mamba) - renamed .html Smarty templates to .tpl(mamba) - fixed missing .tpl(cesag/slider84) - added routine to delete .html templates(slider84) - added extra Captcha check for the first registration step(Roby73/mamba) - added routine to delete/images and other folder when updating(cesag/mamba) 1.64 Final -------------------------------------- - updated code to make it consistent with other modules(mamba) - create new fields in the table profile_profile(black_beard) 1.63 RC -------------------------------------- - added "Required" column in Fields with Toggle functionality(mamba) - added Toggle functionality to "Save After Step" column(mamba) - added "Add" buttons
RC2 moved all and JS files to consistent with x Admin GUI (mamba) 1.62 RC -------------------------------------- - umode has wrong fieldtype


RC2 moved all images
RC2 moved all CSS

Documentation des fonctions

◆ assets()

RC2 moved all and JS files to assets ( mamba  )

◆ GUI()

RC2 moved all and JS files to consistent with x Admin GUI ( mamba  )

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RC2 moved all CSS

◆ images

RC2 moved all images