API - XOOPS 2.5.11 Beta 2
By monxoops.fr
Todo List
Namespace cake

use the File and Folder classes (if it's not a too big performance hit)

@subpackage cake.cake.libs.cache

Namespace class

Make a page in the admin panel for setting mailer preferences.

@subpackage mail

For PHP 5 compliant

Namespace core
Modularize; Both search algorithms and interface will be redesigned
Class HTMLPurifier
We need an easier way to inject strategies using the configuration object.
Global HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_Composite::$defs
Make protected
Global HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_Multiple::$max
Make protected
Global HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_Multiple::$single
Make protected
Global HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_Enum::$valid_values
Make protected
Class HTMLPurifier_Config
Reconsider some of the public member variables
Class HTMLPurifier_ContentSets
Unit test
Global HTMLPurifier_CSSDefinition::setupConfigStuff ($config)
Refactor duplicate elements into common class (probably using composition, not inheritance).
Class HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache

Create a separate maintenance file advanced users can use to cache their custom HTMLDefinition, which can be loaded via a configuration directive

Implement memcached

Global HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Serializer::generateBaseDirectoryPath ($config)
Make protected
Global HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Serializer::generateDirectoryPath ($config)
Make protected
Global HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Serializer::generateFilePath ($config)
Make protected
Global HTMLPurifier_Filter_ExtractStyleBlocks::preFilter ($html, $config, $context)
Extend to indicate non-text/css style blocks
Class HTMLPurifier_Generator

Refactor interface so that configuration/context is determined upon instantiation, no need for messy generateFromTokens() calls

Make some of the more internal functions protected, and have unit tests work around that

Global HTMLPurifier_Generator::escape ($string, $quote=null)
This really ought to be protected, but until we have a facility for properly generating HTML here w/o using tokens, it stays public.
Global HTMLPurifier_HTMLDefinition::parseTinyMCEAllowedList ($list)
Give this its own class, probably static interface
Class HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
Consider making some member functions protected
Class HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_Tidy
Figure out how to protect some of these methods/properties
Global HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_Tidy::setup ($config)
Wildcard matching and error reporting when an added or subtracted fix has no effect.
Class HTMLPurifier_Injector
Allow injectors to request a re-run on their output. This would help if an operation is recursive.
Class HTMLPurifier_Injector_AutoParagraph

Ensure all states are unit tested, including variations as well.

Make a graph of the flow control for this Injector.

Global HTMLPurifier_Language::$_loaded
Make it private, fix usage in HTMLPurifier_LanguageTest
Global HTMLPurifier_Language::formatMessage ($key, $args=array())
Implement conditionals? Right now, some messages make reference to line numbers, but those aren't always available
Class HTMLPurifier_LanguageFactory
Serialized cache for languages
Global HTMLPurifier_Lexer::extractBody ($html)
Consider making protected
Global HTMLPurifier_Lexer::normalize ($html, $config, $context)
Consider making protected
Class HTMLPurifier_Lexer_DirectLex
Reread XML spec and document differences.
Global HTMLPurifier_Lexer_DOMLex::createStartNode ($node, &$tokens, $collect, $config)
data and tagName properties don't seem to exist in DOMNode?
Class HTMLPurifier_Printer_ConfigForm
Rewrite to use Interchange objects
Global HTMLPurifier_Printer_HTMLDefinition::listifyObjectList ($array)
Also add information about internal state
Class HTMLPurifier_Strategy_FixNesting
Enable nodes to be bubbled out of the structure. This is easier with our new algorithm.
Class HTMLPurifier_TokenFactory
Port DirectLex to use this
Class HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_mailto

Validate the email address

Filter allowed query parameters

Namespace kernel

Why is this not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?

Why is this not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?

To be handled by i18n/l10n

Why is this not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?

Why is this not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?

reconcile the two XoopsBlock classes.


Not well written, just keep as it is. Refactored in 3.0

Not well written, just keep as it is. Refactored in 3.0

Global Language::translate ($string, $domain=null)
do something useful
Global notificationCommentCategoryInfo ($module_id=null)
This could be more efficient... maybe specify in $modversion['comments'] the notification category. This would also serve as a way to enable notification of comments, and also remove the restriction that all notification categories must have unique item_name. (TODO)
Global notificationEventEnabled (&$category, &$event, &$module)
Check that this works correctly for comment and other events which depend on additional config options...
Global StopWords::__construct ()
specify locale to constructor, will require shift away from defined constant
Global system_loadLanguage ($name, $domain='', $language=null)
expand domain to multiple categories, e.g. module:system, framework:filter, etc.
Global xoops_loadLanguage ($name, $domain='', $language=null)
expand domain to multiple categories, e.g. module:system, framework:filter, etc.
Class XoopsConfigHandler
Tests that need to be made:
  • error handling @access public
Class XoopsTplfileHandler
this is not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?
Class XoopsTplsetHandler
This is not a XoopsPersistableObjectHandler?